With email campaigns increasing, how can a small business stand out?

emailThe amount of email being sent out by companies is increasing, meaning small business owners using this marketing approach must work harder than ever. The results of the quarterly survey show that email marketing can – and does – work.

The latest Email Trends and Benchmark Results report from Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council, comparing the first quarter to the second quarter, found that:

  • Emails sent rose 16.2%
  • Open rates rose 4.8%, to 22.2%
  • Click-through rates dropped 0.7%, to 5.2%
  • Conversions increased 14.6%

Four industries – business publishing/media, consumer services, retail and retail specialty – showed the greatest increases, according to the analysis of 7.7 billion emails sent by Epsilon.

Successful email campaigns require a number of components, including a clear and strong call to action, a means for tracking results, and a landing page that builds on the content of the email. Sending out hundreds of emails from an Outlook account isn’t going to work. First, many won’t get through. Second, they have to be sent in small waves. Third, no tracking of results is possible (no, a read receipt request isn’t good tracking).

When put together correctly, email campaigns can help encourage existing clients to spend more. They can encourage former clients to return. They also can develop prospective clients. But each of these goals requires a separate and specific campaign, matching a company’s goods or services with a targeted message.

The first step for any email campaign is to capture as many email addresses – from clients and prospects – as possible. Businesses often fail to gather email addresses until they want to send out emails. By then, it is often too late.

Realizing the incredible value of email, Bigger Pie Strategies can provide a cost-effective email campaign delivery system that, when coupled with a carefully thought-out, goal-oriented marketing strategy we develop with our clients, can boost sales. Contact Bob Graham to learn more about how email campaigns can help your business grow.



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