With bathroom use real, discounting Facebook is flushing money away

A friend criticized a post I had on LinkedIn, saying, “FB is unstoppable juggernaut dominating our online experience.” (Here’s the link to the source of the quote.) Here’s what my friend said about Facebook: “I found it to be a haven for lonely, insecure people who were trying to make others feel their lives were more exciting than they were.”

toiletI replied to him with the usual comments, but today I saw that 27% of Facebook users check their account on a mobile device in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Leaving the hygienic aspects aside, no other media is important enough to take to the bathroom. Maybe a paper once in a while, a magazine. But they are the exception, sadly, to the rule. Think of the phone you saw in the bathroom at the swanky hotel. Seemed odd.

Another popular misconception about Facebook is that it only appeals to young people. But women between the age of 50-65 are the fastest growing segment, where more than 600,000 people join every day. Yes, day. They are part of the 500 million Facebook users.

Yes, there’s useless information being posted, but there also is a great deal of discussion and debate about products, services, trends, politics and every other aspect of life. People talk about everything, including your business. Failing to participate or monitor comments is the equivalent of not listening to a customer’s feedback in the store or in an email. It’s suicide.

Simply put, to discount the Facebook crowd is to flush potential clients and their money down the toilet.

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