Public Relations

Reporters at newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations are always looking for what’s new and interesting. Most small businesses can provide media-friendly stories worthy of local, if not regional and national coverage. However, generating positive publicity in the media can be complicated.

Small business owners typically lack the time and expertise to convert what might be a good story into something reporters and editors will cover. That’s where Bigger Pie Strategies comes in. We can take a client’s ideas and develop them into full media campaigns, or we can work together with small business owners and other organization leaders to create the types of stories the media loves.

As a journalist, editor and public relations professional, Bob Graham, CEO of Bigger Pie Strategies, knows both sides of the public relations equation. He has generated local, state, regional and national publicity with media campaigns focused on everything from hunting and fishing, to homeschooling and a campaign against Major League Baseball (Fan Out America).

Small business owners will find that the right public relations campaign can reinforce the value of the business to existing customers and entice new customers to act.

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