A successful small business marketing strategies brings together a host of tools to set the conversation new and returning customers have about a business. Using a powerful combination of marketing, promotion, public relations and Internet strategies, we help small business owners develop that conversation.

Most small business owners are so focused on providing their products or services that they have neither the time nor expertise to properly market themselves and their business. This weakness plays itself out again and again, as developing customer leads becomes more difficult, just as existing customers start engaging less frequently. Bigger Pie Strategies was formed to bridge this gap between small businesses and the marketing they need.

We develop customized small business marketing plans, using a mix of innovative and traditional approaches, always with price and value in mind.

Bigger Pie Strategies brings more than two decades of experience with marketing and print to the table. That experience uniquely enables us to consider many sides of a message or campaign – giving owners a small business marketing consultant that delivers the skills of bigger firms, but with a specialized focus on small business needs and concerns, including price.

The first, no-risk, no-obligation step is to request a free marketing evaluation from Bigger Pie Strategies.

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