Collaborative Marketing


The key to a successful business is obtaining new customers, and most businesses that fail struggle to find enough new business. Sometimes it happens quickly; sometimes it happens over time.

Perhaps you have tried networking groups, leads groups or other groups that require a great deal of time and yield few results. Maybe you have bought leads or some other system that guarantees you results, only to find, again, no major gains. And while socializing with other business owners can be fun, it doesn’t generate revenue. It actually takes away from it.

A Better Way

MarketShare is none of those things. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

MarketShare recognizes the one proven way to build business through all sorts of economic conditions, technological innovations and market changes. MarketShare focuses on its participants’ most valuable resource: their clients who trust them.

A small business owner chooses participants for his or her MarketShare group who are focused on the same type of clients, whether it’s homeowners, people with health and wellness needs or baby boomers, to name a few.

United by this singular focus, the businesses focused on the same customers collaborate on ways to provide their clients with value and a greater range of opportunities. Each member, through a carefully coordinated approach, is connected to other group members’ clients through a range of non-threatening, but highly effective means. The goal is not on quick sales, but on establishing long-term trust relationships. It’s on providing value so that the goods and services people need are readily available when they want and need them. It’s about being “top of mind.”

Through this proven, facilitated process, owners both further solidify their relationships with their own clients and obtain new clients from other group members.

Making matters even better is the monthly mastermind session, led by Bob Graham of Bigger Pie Strategies. These sessions are designed to give group members immediate access to information to be gleaned from other group members, as well as other insights. The mastermind sessions also are geared toward focusing group members’ efforts toward marketing efforts that will benefit them all.

Focused Collaboration

By centering their efforts on the clients of other businesses focused on that same market segment, participants in MarketShare can leverage their customer relationships as well as those of the other members to build their businesses.

Using this approach, owners can achieve far greater success in a much shorter time.

Is MarketShare Right for You?

Are you looking for any of the following?

  • More of your ideal clients
  • More targeted, effective marketing with a greater ROI because you aren’t buying lists or paying for cold calls
  • The chance to really collaborate with businesses focused on the same customers as you
  • Better use of marketing tools, trends and analytics to promote your business
  • The opportunity to be part of a focused mastermind group
  • The end of the chasing money and the costly churn-and-burn approach

If your answer is yes to one or more of the opportunities presented above, then a MarketShare group may be right for you.

What It Entails

We work with you to choose businesses that are in the same sector and are truly willing to commit to this philosophy.

Each of your participants must agree to the following:

  • Completion of a questionnaire and participation in business marketing evaluation
  • A willingness to share and truly collaborate with other business owners
  • The desire to attempt new things designed to expedite marketing success
  • A commitment to attend a monthly meeting with the group each month
What Bigger Pie Strategies Provides

We help you to establish, develop and eventually lead your MarketShare group. Our work includes:

  • Helping you to identify, approach and engage business owners with the same customer focus
  • Leading MarketShare meetings for the first year
  • Creation and implementation of strategies for collaboration, including shared marketing materials and approaches such as collaborative e-newsletters, brochures, advertisements, websites

(Additional services like website development/redesign, website hosting, printing and social media integration are available to group members at an additional cost.)

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