Businesses like to think they have a clear brand, but the reality is that most of them don’t. And without having a clear brand, most companies are destined to waste valuable money chasing anyone and everyone with a message that will not resonate.

Bigger Pie Strategies works with companies to identify who their IDEAL clients are and where to find them. We have proven process that helps businesses develop a clear understanding of who they are targeting. Next, the message is addressed. Once companies know who they are targeting, their message to those people or groups must be clear and powerful. Bigger Pie Strategies works with companies to refine that message on the website, in promotional materials and even in their discussions.

Armed with that knowledge of the target and an appealing message, Bigger Pie Strategies then helps businesses find where those IDEAL customers are.

In pursuing the IDEAL customers — those people that want and need what a company is selling — companies become far more efficient with not just their marketing expenses, but their marketing efforts.

Our experience in finding innovative methods to reach new customers and to re-engage existing customers with a carefully crafted, powerful, action oriented message is an important aspect of what helps companies get ahead.

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