Are you making referrals easy for your customers?

Word of mouth referrals power my business, but the person making the referral can only say so much. By giving him or her easy methods to connect people with my business, I keep from putting my customers in an awkward position that prevents them from … [Read more...]

Tablets, mobile phones now accounting for more than half of e-commerce

The scales are tipping toward device mobile sales, meaning small businesses that aren’t powerfully online are really putting themselves behind the eight ball. Consumer mobile purchases reached an all-time high in 2013, with nearly $60 billion in … [Read more...]

7 keys to guarantee small business websites stand out right away

The need for a website to click instantly with its users has never been more acute. To expect people to find the value on a page isn't going to cut it. More than half the people who are watching TV – 56%, according to a recent study – also are also … [Read more...]

If Saturday is only small biz marketing, then everyday is Black Friday

Small Business Saturday, slated for Nov. 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, tells a sad story about small business marketing. Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express, proves small business owners don't market themselves enough. And, … [Read more...]

Making the case again for why small business websites are vital

A lot of discussion is occurring among small business owners about whether a website is valuable. The discussion, on the Linked Business group on LinkedIn (go to a LinkedIn account, search for Linked Business in groups, then join to see the full … [Read more...]

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