5 reasons why your website must launch your online marketing

Recently, I explained to a small business owner that his interest in starting a business social media campaign was premature; he didn’t have a website for his business yet. He told me that everyone tells him he needs to be on Facebook, Google + and … [Read more...]

3 hints about great small business marketing learned at a wedding

Last weekend I attended the long-awaited wedding of a niece. Over the last year, including several months when she lived with us, I have had a front row seat, sometimes self-imposed, on wedding preparation. And while many of us choose to marry, the … [Read more...]

5 ways to prepare your website like you get ready for overnight guests

We recently had some family members from North Carolina visit our house. We did extra cleaning, straightened up the guest room and other common areas they might visit and we bought food suitable to their children. We did all these things because we … [Read more...]

7 important lessons I learned from the redesigning of my website

My website recently underwent a redesign, something that like many of my clients and business colleagues I had been putting off for the perfect time. The problem is that the perfect time never seemed to come along. In going through the process, I … [Read more...]

3 overlooked ways websites can save owners lots of marketing money

Small business owners often fail to recognize the incredible freedom they have moving from the world of print – business cards, brochures and newspaper ads – to using a website for marketing. In the world of print, the formula is simple and … [Read more...]

Are you benefiting from the paradigm shift in small business marketing?

Marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last few years, as the Internet and social media have claimed a bigger share of people's time. The old practice of “push marketing” has been replaced. What is push marketing? It is when companies push … [Read more...]

5 sure signs small business owners should update or redesign website

The days of building a website and leaving it alone for months or years are gone. Small businesses need to have a strong Internet presence where their clients can find accurate, up-to-date and fresh information about the expertise and services any … [Read more...]

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