Buying from local small businesses really helps all of us to succeed

A new client of mine pointed out to me recently that I was patronizing a national chain when it would serve my business, my community and me better to be supporting a locally owned company providing the same products. I admitted to him that it was … [Read more...]

Buying into sequester effect could cripple small business in worst way

The sequester, the federal government’s forced reduction of more than $85 billion this year (part of more than $1 trillion in cuts over the next decade), appears ominous. No matter how those cuts affect Americans, small business owners need to put … [Read more...]

Why promoting Small Business Saturday is good for every small business

Small Business Saturday, which is Nov. 24 this year, garners great attention, in part because its main sponsor, American Express, has been advertising it heavily for the last few weeks. Small Business Saturday, whose motto is Shop Small, encourages … [Read more...]

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