Why promoting Small Business Saturday is good for every small business

Small Business Saturday, which is Nov. 24 this year, garners great attention, in part because its main sponsor, American Express, has been advertising it heavily for the last few weeks. Small Business Saturday, whose motto is Shop Small, encourages … [Read more...]

If Saturday is only small biz marketing, then everyday is Black Friday

Small Business Saturday, slated for Nov. 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, tells a sad story about small business marketing. Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express, proves small business owners don't market themselves enough. And, … [Read more...]

Owners should seize media opportunity on Small Business Saturday

The media is going to cover Small Business Saturday. It is a holiday weekend. It is new and it is an easy story. That makes it a certainty for local media to cover as a  pre-Christmas or post-Black Friday story on Saturday -- and probably Sunday, … [Read more...]

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