Tablets, mobile phones now accounting for more than half of e-commerce

The scales are tipping toward device mobile sales, meaning small businesses that aren’t powerfully online are really putting themselves behind the eight ball. Consumer mobile purchases reached an all-time high in 2013, with nearly $60 billion in … [Read more...]

10 tips for making sure your business cards help your brand

Most business owners give out business cards, hoping that the recipient will file it someplace important and refer to it frequently for the goods or services offered by the business card's creator. When performed correctly, business cards can be a … [Read more...]

7 hints for restarting your small biz marketing efforts today

In the last few weeks, a couple of new clients have said the same thing to me, although in different words. And what they are saying is at the core of what makes a business grow – or not grow. In the course of discussions about their business and … [Read more...]

Study: Strong B2B website queues engagement with potential clients

The benefit of a B2B website that provides a clear and consistent brand message specifically targeting its ideal customers is vital in the current competitive business climate. New research reinforces this message, showing that the satisfaction … [Read more...]

Finding a business’ ideal customers is key to cost-effective marketing

Many – too many, in fact – business owners see their ideal customer as any customer who has money. Some owners will focus slightly more, saying their ideal client is anyone willing to spend money on their product or service. This faulty perception of … [Read more...]

7 strategies to allow existing customers to make sales bloom and grow

The signs of spring are all around us, a time for new growth and development among plants – and businesses. An often overlooked area of increased sales is among existing clients. A starting point for correcting this deficiency could come by sending … [Read more...]

Making the case again for why small business websites are vital

A lot of discussion is occurring among small business owners about whether a website is valuable. The discussion, on the Linked Business group on LinkedIn (go to a LinkedIn account, search for Linked Business in groups, then join to see the full … [Read more...]

3 overlooked ways websites can save owners lots of marketing money

Small business owners often fail to recognize the incredible freedom they have moving from the world of print – business cards, brochures and newspaper ads – to using a website for marketing. In the world of print, the formula is simple and … [Read more...]

Twitter for small business owners is anything but wasted time

The data shows Twitter is worth a small business owner’s time. About 95 million Tweets are sent by Twitter users each day, according to a Dec. 8 posting from Twitter. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says 8% of American … [Read more...]

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