8 musts for crafting press releases that guarantee media attention

A well-prepared press release can make the difference between success, meaning getting something covered by the media, or failure, when it gets tossed in the trash heap. Before becoming a small business marketing consultant, I served as a full-time … [Read more...]

3 media lessons for business from CBS’ handling of Lara Logan assault

CBS News had a potentially huge and troubling story about one of its own on its hands this week, something the media often fails to properly handle. But in the case of terrible assault on Lara Logan in Egypt Feb. 11, the TV network showed it … [Read more...]

Case Study: Group ‘milks’ health reform debate for marketing, PR value

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research has a new report that estimates breastfeeding trends. Okay, the topic isn’t something that most of us are thinking about. But a press release the organization sent out Dec. 15, promoting a teleconference Dec. … [Read more...]

Aim lower to score more action on press releases

A basketball player moves within his shot range, rather than firing a shot from the 90 feet away. Although possible, the odds against him making a half-court or full-court shot are great. The same holds true for public relations. Too many small … [Read more...]

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