5 reasons why your website must launch your online marketing

Recently, I explained to a small business owner that his interest in starting a business social media campaign was premature; he didn’t have a website for his business yet. He told me that everyone tells him he needs to be on Facebook, Google + and … [Read more...]

3 hints about great small business marketing learned at a wedding

Last weekend I attended the long-awaited wedding of a niece. Over the last year, including several months when she lived with us, I have had a front row seat, sometimes self-imposed, on wedding preparation. And while many of us choose to marry, the … [Read more...]

Good word of mouth follows those businesses who dare to be different

On a recent anniversary trip to wineries in Sonoma County, California, one company stood out among all the rest because of how it presented the process of sampling wines. Now keep in mind that most of what happens in Sonoma County, as well as in … [Read more...]

Are you ready for when Siri starts tapping Bing’s search results?

Everyone with a presence on the Internet spends a great deal of time and money worrying about what Google thinks about them. We stress over its Page Rankings, its algorithms and every other little thing about Google. Some days, I think I worry more … [Read more...]

Take off your marketing hat so you can make referrals to yourself

Some of my best marketing is done when I am not even trying to market myself. I have sold people on working with my business at social events, in stores and coffee shops, on Facebook chat pages, and even after a family funeral (long story, don't ask, … [Read more...]

Smartphone tools make the business cards you grab more valuable

More business people are realizing that one of the great benefits of a smartphone like a Droid or iPhone is the ability to scan business cards. I make it a practice to scan in any business cards I obtain at events or in meetings within 24 hours of … [Read more...]

7 important lessons I learned from the redesigning of my website

My website recently underwent a redesign, something that like many of my clients and business colleagues I had been putting off for the perfect time. The problem is that the perfect time never seemed to come along. In going through the process, I … [Read more...]

Find new clarity for how best to build, market your small business

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you should be doing to improve your business with great clarity so you wouldn't feel lost or off-track? Over the last few months, I have found a new level of clarity in my business endeavors. That clarity … [Read more...]

Good marketing can ensure Kickstarter campaign doesn’t fall short

Too many entrepreneurs are placing all their hopes for success on Kickstarter.com or similar websites allowing people to make donations to advance their projects. Kickstarter and other websites permit entrepreneurs to solicit donations, which are … [Read more...]

Facebook fan pages don’t spark much engagement, but they’re worth keeping

A mere 6% of company's Facebook Page fans engage with the company on the page, according to new research from Mashable, which considers engagement to be taking action such as "liking" the brand, making comments or participating in polls. Those "super … [Read more...]

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