7 election strategies small businesses can use to market better

Over the last 18 to 24 months most of us have been exposed to probably more political campaigning and spin that we care to admit to ourselves. While what has become in recent months nearly non-stop advertising and promotion of candidates grates on … [Read more...]

7 hints for restarting your small biz marketing efforts today

In the last few weeks, a couple of new clients have said the same thing to me, although in different words. And what they are saying is at the core of what makes a business grow – or not grow. In the course of discussions about their business and … [Read more...]

Finding a business’ ideal customers is key to cost-effective marketing

Many – too many, in fact – business owners see their ideal customer as any customer who has money. Some owners will focus slightly more, saying their ideal client is anyone willing to spend money on their product or service. This faulty perception of … [Read more...]

5 hints for making your marketing efforts a realistic priority

Today's blog is the result of a deadline I inadvertently imposed on myself at a networking meeting two days ago. Because of the deadline and my public declaration of it, you are reading these words. On Tuesday, before a group of about eight small … [Read more...]

Are you benefiting from the paradigm shift in small business marketing?

Marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last few years, as the Internet and social media have claimed a bigger share of people's time. The old practice of “push marketing” has been replaced. What is push marketing? It is when companies push … [Read more...]

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