Are you abandoning potential customers and don’t even know it?

How many times have to you seen a company’s Facebook page or blog page, and noticed that the last update was months ago? It happens all the time. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the blogosphere are littered with short-term attempts by … [Read more...]

3 ways LinkedIn serves as your electronic business card

Often when I mention something to do with LinkedIn, the business networking platform, people give me a weird look. It's as if they can't process that I actually can and do use LinkedIn to help my business. LinkedIn has become the go-to location for … [Read more...]

Making the case again for why small business websites are vital

A lot of discussion is occurring among small business owners about whether a website is valuable. The discussion, on the Linked Business group on LinkedIn (go to a LinkedIn account, search for Linked Business in groups, then join to see the full … [Read more...]

Small business owners letting growing social media parade pass them by

Nearly half of small business owners wrongly assume that since they either don't have the time or interest in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that their current and prospective customers don't either. The fact is that nothing could be further from the … [Read more...]

Are you benefiting from the paradigm shift in small business marketing?

Marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last few years, as the Internet and social media have claimed a bigger share of people's time. The old practice of “push marketing” has been replaced. What is push marketing? It is when companies push … [Read more...]

With bathroom use real, discounting Facebook is flushing money away

A friend criticized a post I had on LinkedIn, saying, "FB is unstoppable juggernaut dominating our online experience." (Here’s the link to the source of the quote.) Here’s what my friend said about Facebook: “I found it to be a haven for lonely, … [Read more...]

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