Make yourself into recognized expert in your field by authoring ebook

The ability to publish thoughts and ideas has never been easier or cheaper, and with the growing popularity of ebooks being viewed on Kindles, Nooks and other tablet and e-reading devices, the interest in authors providing valuable insights continues … [Read more...]

Google’s new search functionality may be boon or bust to businesses

Google today (May 16) unveiled a new search engine functionality, which it hopes will better connect people to the information they want. Mashable said the new search results, called Knowledge Graph and appearing in a box on the right rail, make the … [Read more...]

Learning about Google Plus now is good math for small biz owners

Some small business owners have asked me about the new social media tool, Google Plus or Google+. (A shout-out to Regina S., who scored me an invite!) Business pages for Google+ became available to the general public this week and so some owners may … [Read more...]

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