5 reasons why your website must launch your online marketing

Recently, I explained to a small business owner that his interest in starting a business social media campaign was premature; he didn’t have a website for his business yet. He told me that everyone tells him he needs to be on Facebook, Google + and … [Read more...]

Are you abandoning potential customers and don’t even know it?

How many times have to you seen a company’s Facebook page or blog page, and noticed that the last update was months ago? It happens all the time. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the blogosphere are littered with short-term attempts by … [Read more...]

Facebook fan pages don’t spark much engagement, but they’re worth keeping

A mere 6% of company's Facebook Page fans engage with the company on the page, according to new research from Mashable, which considers engagement to be taking action such as "liking" the brand, making comments or participating in polls. Those "super … [Read more...]

The best times to post content on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Bit.ly, the link shortening and tracking company, recently released its report on the best time to share links on various social media networks, according to Mashable. … [Read more...]

New Facebook Timeline for business rightfully makes content king

Facebook Fan Pages, the ones where companies are “liked,” will appear differently March 30, when Fan Pages are automatically converted to the Timeline display. While this change at first may seem annoying and random, it probably plays to the benefit … [Read more...]

7 essentials for building a community around a small biz Facebook page

I recently took part in the Baltimore Running Festival relay, where four of us each ran a portion of the full 26.2-mile marathon course. When the run was over, I found myself sad. It wasn't just because I knew I had lost my main motivation to push … [Read more...]

Small business owners letting growing social media parade pass them by

Nearly half of small business owners wrongly assume that since they either don't have the time or interest in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that their current and prospective customers don't either. The fact is that nothing could be further from the … [Read more...]

Are you benefiting from the paradigm shift in small business marketing?

Marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last few years, as the Internet and social media have claimed a bigger share of people's time. The old practice of “push marketing” has been replaced. What is push marketing? It is when companies push … [Read more...]

Boost in self-esteem on Facebook makes pages perfect marketing sites

Facebook appears to be providing the audience ripe for a marketing message. A new study suggesting Facebook has a positive effect on the self-esteem of users means it might be the ideal tool to market goods and services. Small business owners should … [Read more...]

With bathroom use real, discounting Facebook is flushing money away

A friend criticized a post I had on LinkedIn, saying, "FB is unstoppable juggernaut dominating our online experience." (Here’s the link to the source of the quote.) Here’s what my friend said about Facebook: “I found it to be a haven for lonely, … [Read more...]

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