What if your business couldn’t use email to communicate with clients?

A few agonizing weeks of intermittent business email delivery problems has offered me four important business lessons. Every day or two, a client has asked why I haven’t responded to his or her emails. The reason is simple: I never received the … [Read more...]

5 simple examples of how collaboration can fuel business growth

Collaboration is one of those buzzwords that business people use all the time, but rarely mean anything to most of them. However, I use the word often – with purpose and intent. I do so because collaborative marketing – where two or more businesses … [Read more...]

A hospital, of all places, offers lesson in great customer service

A hospital visit recently reminded me of the value of not good, but great customer service. Over the course of a few days tending to a relative, the small, regional hospital in Conway, South Carolina, struck all the right chords with its incredible … [Read more...]

No successful marketing plan can be built around good customer service

Providing good customer service isn't what makes one company more special than others. Good customer service is assumed. It is expected – perhaps even demanded. Without it, few, if any, businesses can survive. To build a marketing campaign around … [Read more...]

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