Take off your marketing hat so you can make referrals to yourself

Some of my best marketing is done when I am not even trying to market myself. I have sold people on working with my business at social events, in stores and coffee shops, on Facebook chat pages, and even after a family funeral (long story, don't ask, … [Read more...]

Smartphone tools make the business cards you grab more valuable

More business people are realizing that one of the great benefits of a smartphone like a Droid or iPhone is the ability to scan business cards. I make it a practice to scan in any business cards I obtain at events or in meetings within 24 hours of … [Read more...]

10 business reputation killers that clients, prospects won’t overlook

Otherwise intelligent people often damage their business reputation with simple acts that say far more about them than they realize. Most of the time they are unaware of the effect, but the fact is that people judge us by our worst actions. Here are … [Read more...]

3 ways LinkedIn serves as your electronic business card

Often when I mention something to do with LinkedIn, the business networking platform, people give me a weird look. It's as if they can't process that I actually can and do use LinkedIn to help my business. LinkedIn has become the go-to location for … [Read more...]

10 tips for making sure your business cards help your brand

Most business owners give out business cards, hoping that the recipient will file it someplace important and refer to it frequently for the goods or services offered by the business card's creator. When performed correctly, business cards can be a … [Read more...]

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