Tablets, mobile phones now accounting for more than half of e-commerce

tabletThe scales are tipping toward device mobile sales, meaning small businesses that aren’t powerfully online are really putting themselves behind the eight ball.

Consumer mobile purchases reached an all-time high in 2013, with nearly $60 billion in sales, according to a Javelin Strategy and Research report. That total was more than three times greater than the 2012 total of $5.1 billion.

More importantly, payments from tablets like the iPad accounted for $28.7 billion in online sales, more than half the total, the report found.

Fueling the growth, according to the Center for Internet Research, is a doubling in the ownership of tablets from 2012 to 2013. “Consumers are increasingly turning to tablets and phones for purchasing despite the fact that many sites are not ideally set up yet for mobile devices. Consumer spend on tablets surpassed phones for the first time in 2013 as tablet adoption swelled,” explained the Center for Media Research.

The equation is really simple to explain. More people have access to mobile devices, giving them an immediate opportunity to discover and buy just about anything they can think of. That immediacy is the key to a business making the sale.

If a small business can appear on a consumer’s mobile device at just that moment when he or she is considering that purchase, the chances of making that sale increase dramatically. No longer is the business chasing anyone who might be interested in buying the product or service. But rather, the business is appealing to a warm lead.

The difference could be dramatic in terms of the likelihood of a sale.

Consider how engaged a business might be if the owner were told the guy at the next table at the restaurant is ready to buy what you are selling. What would that owner do? Head to that business and close the deal.

That shift is what this data really suggests.

So the question now changes to how engaging is your website? Can people find what they need to advance the sales process on your website?

If not, give Bigger Pie Strategies a call so we can help you build a powerful online presence at an affordable rate so consumers can find you on their smartphone, their tablet or anywhere else. This small investment can pay big dividends as mobile sales are only going increase that much more in the coming months and years.


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