Study: Strong B2B website queues engagement with potential clients

The benefit of a B2B website that provides a clear and consistent brand message specifically targeting its ideal customers is vital in the current competitive business climate.

New research reinforces this message, showing that the satisfaction people have with a business-to-business website has a direct effect their willingness to buy from a company in the future.

B2B websites typically underperform business-to-consumer websites, according to ForeSee, a customer experience analytics company in Ann Arbor, Mich. The company set a benchmark for B2B websites of 62, with its analysis showing a range of scores for the B2B websites it evaluated. That range ran from 27 to 85. The higher the score, the more the B2B website generated online satisfaction, which eventually means more sales.

Just 28% of B2B sites evaluated earned satisfaction scores above 70.

“Such a wide range of satisfaction scores clearly shows that while a few B2B companies excel, many have a lot of room to improve their site visitors’ experiences,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee. “Companies that have made the online customer experience a priority will enjoy a huge competitive advantage over those who haven’t.”

The company says its proprietary work demonstrated repeatedly that companies that improve their customer satisfaction scores improve their financial success.

As part of its benchmark research, ForeSee compared the likely future behaviors of highly satisfied customers (those with a satisfaction score of 80 or higher on ForeSee’s 100-point scale) to those of less-satisfied customers (with satisfaction below 70). This comparison demonstrates the impact customer satisfaction can have on a company’s future success. Based on likelihood scores, highly satisfied customers report being:

  • 63% more likely than less satisfied customers to return to the website.
  • 80% more likely to purchase from the company in the future.
  • 88% more likely to use the company as their primary resource.
  • 116% more likely to recommend the website to a friend.

A website built in 2005 or 2007 or even 2010 probably isn’t creating the right messages and customer experiences necessary to ensnare potential clients. Bigger Pie Strategies has worked with numerous clients to improve their website, often by refining and focusing their brand message, and the results they see from this work far exceeds the costs of the work.


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