Shoppers to flock to Internet, not stores, for holiday gifts this year

holiday gift boxSmall businesses lacking a website will find coal in their holiday coffers as they lose a key opportunity to reach younger shoppers this year.

About three-quarters of Americans say they will shop for gifts online this holiday season, according to a new Deluxe Corp. survey, which further clarified who is doing what online.

Shoppers between 18 and 34 make nearly 90% of purchases online. The number is lower for older shoppers, though people 65 and older also shop online in large numbers (48%).

Overall, African-Americans (85 percent) and Hispanics (84%) shop online more than white consumers (73%).

Importantly, while most online customers (60%) generally purchase gifts from major retailers, a primary reason may be the fact that two-thirds of shoppers said they don’t scroll beyond the first two pages of search results.

The survey makes the clear the need for companies to develop a strong, focused website that targets their ideal customers. A website that was built before 2010 probably isn’t going to meet the needs of shoppers today. Web shoppers want and need more sophistication in how information is presented, and without it, they will click on another site that offers them the pathways they want to make purchases online.


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