No successful marketing plan can be built around good customer service

Providing good customer service isn’t what makes one company more special than others. Good customer service is assumed. It is expected – perhaps even demanded. Without it, few, if any, businesses can survive.

dart boardTo build a marketing campaign around customer services is to reinforce the obvious. In other words, it’s boring. Yet, almost every small business owner I talk to suggests that great customer service is what makes them special.

It is true that good or great customer service can encourage people to return to a business. It also may provide clients a reason to spread the word.

But good customer service isn’t a differentiator.

To separate themselves from others in their field, small businesses must compete on price, product offerings or some other tangible difference. These differences form the basis of any successful marketing campaign for a small business.

The process goes this way. Identify the differentiator or differentiators. Determine who might respond to this difference. Promote the difference to these people, who form the basis of the business’ niche. Any successful marketing plan must address these factors or it will fail.

For instance, a small-town convenience store is the first in the county to stay open 24 hours a day. It’s marketing slogan becomes “Open for business whenever you need us.”

As a small business marketing consultant, Bigger Pie Strategies can help small business owners determine or develop what differentiates them. It also builds a cost-effective, coordinated marketing plan around these differences to maximize results.

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