New Facebook Timeline for business rightfully makes content king

Bigger Pie Strategies Timeline screenshotFacebook Fan Pages, the ones where companies are “liked,” will appear differently March 30, when Fan Pages are automatically converted to the Timeline display.

While this change at first may seem annoying and random, it probably plays to the benefit of smaller businesses. That’s right. It’s a good thing.

Facebook Timeline will level the playing field so that people who “like” companies actually like companies. No inducements – save 40% now, for example — are allowed on cover images, according to the new Facebook rules.

That change means content is king. The businesses that can provide the information, resources and links their followers want will obtain additional followers. Those that don’t, well, you know.

Many business owners have complained to me about this change, saying it will necessitate an overhaul of their Facebook page. Some tweaks are necessary, but not an overhaul.

Over the last few weeks I have read dozens of articles and blogs and listened in on several webinars to dissect the necessary changes. Here are a few cosmetic changes you will see at Bigger Pie Strategies Business Page and other websites getting ahead of the curve:

  1. Make sure my cover image reinforces my brand and is the new 399 pixels or more. I just changed it to my wide logo.
  2. Commit to more photos and videos because companies that shifted to Timeline first say those two media generate the best results.
  3. Check the page’s history, making sure there’s nothing in the past that would be better edited out. People can see older information far more easily with Timeline than they could before.
  4. Pay more attention to how I position posts. To ensure a post is at the top of the Timeline for no more than a week, you can stick a pin in it by using the pencil tool. For a bigger splash, use the star and it will appear across both columns, making it stand out in width.

Of course, these are cosmetic changes, important, but mostly visual.

Facebook remains an incredibly valuable platform for expanding a brand. And it’s free.

About 24 million businesses are using it to reach its 483 million daily visitors. Early adopters of the new Timeline, according to a study by Simply Measured, saw an average increase in engagement with visitors per post of 46%. That’s enough reason for any and every business to get serious about the new Facebook Timeline now.

Want help tweaking your Facebook business page? Don’t have a company Facebook business page yet? Contact Bob Graham at Bigger Pie Strategies to get started.

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