Making the case again for why small business websites are vital

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A lot of discussion is occurring among small business owners about whether a website is valuable. The discussion, on the Linked Business group on LinkedIn (go to a LinkedIn account, search for Linked Business in groups, then join to see the full discussion), has reinforced many of the reasons for having a strong website.

Here’s what I wrote to that LinkedIn group in response to the question of whether a website is worth a small business owner’s investment:

“As many have said, a website serves as the new business card, except you don’t need to give it out. If done well, it hands itself out and it’s always working for you. It legitimizes, promotes, reinforces and engages potential buyers 24/7.

“But a website is only as good as the content. Just throwing up the content of a print brochure online won’t work well. The ideal small business website requires the creators, whether the owner or a professional, to determine who the people are who might buy the goods or services, and then tailor the website to them. The more focused the content, the better the SEO benefit, meaning the more ideal the clients checking it out.

“The small business that wants ANYONE to visit the site and buy its goods or services is living in an unrealistic world. We live in the age of niches. Pick an audience and go after it, using the words, phrases, ideas, interests and appealing to the emotions (no emotion means no results for the investment) that will draw them in.

“And remember, websites aren’t like brochures. They can be tweaked constantly, especially if tracking data using Google Analytics or a paid service suggests changes.

“There are affordable ways to build a website that will get results. I have my clients determine that ideal audience, then build a website for that audience, using strategies that keep it affordable and allow them to expand it as revenue and success suggest.”

If you can prove me wrong by being successful without a website, contact me. I want to learn from you. Truly. But I believe having a good website isn’t an option anymore. It’s essential. It’s easier than ever to develop one. Really. I can show you how affordably.

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