Make yourself into recognized expert in your field by authoring ebook

writer-at-keyboardThe ability to publish thoughts and ideas has never been easier or cheaper, and with the growing popularity of ebooks being viewed on Kindles, Nooks and other tablet and e-reading devices, the interest in authors providing valuable insights continues to grow.

Meanwhile, publishing a book has never been as simple or inexpensive as it is today. Yet, despite this lowering of the overall cost of publishing, people continue to ascribe great value to authors who put their thoughts onto the pages of an ebook.

Publishers, book contracts and focus groups are a thing of the past for business owners who have something to say. Now, publishing an ebook or a series of them targeting your ideal clients is quick and easy.

For ebook authors the benefits can include:

  1. Instant credibility. Just saying you wrote a book makes you special.
  2. Being perceived as a subject-matter expert, who can be trusted
  3. Having a forum to share deeper thoughts and ideas about your business niche or industry
  4. Having something new to engage prospects and clients with
  5. Being able to show value before people have to make a buying decision

The list of ebook benefits could go on and on, but one of the biggest is the ability to use the book to market yourself and your business.

I have written several ebooks and I use them in a variety of settings. I mention the books at networking events. I share them on social media sites. I send them to people who I meet who ask about something I cover in my books. I provided one as a value-add for a company whose clients match those I am seeking. I also will be selling them on Amazon for a small fee, although I don’t see that aspects as a revenue stream as much as a new way to find potential clients.

It should be noted that while everyone has visions of making lots of money from their ebooks, the reality is that greater revenue can be generated from using the engagement the ebook affords to develop new and deep relationships with your clients and potential clients.

Recognizing the benefits of authoring an ebook and being able to prepare one for publication are two distinctly different tasks. Being an author looks easy – we all did it in school to varying degrees – but requires specific skills.

To help bridge this gap, I developed the Bigger Pie Strategies EBook System. This system is borne out of my desire to help business owners find new, affordable ways to engage clients and prospective clients, along with my experience in book, newspaper, magazine and website writing and development.

Working closely with clients, I provide them both assistance and shortcuts so they can get their book published with as little effort as possible.

This system can take anyone who wants to write an ebook from germ of an idea to outline and Google-friendly title, to having a carefully edited, published manuscript. We can even help determine a good topic for your book so it’s certain to appeal to your clients. Bigger Pie Strategies can provide as little more or as much support as you need.

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