Guess why most small business marketing efforts fail?

to-do listThe No. 1 reason why small businesses fail at marketing is lack of accountability. Put another way, marketing to most small business owners isn’t as important as paying taxes or answering business calls. It’s a nice-to-have for many businesses – to their peril.

Many small businesses are either inconsistent or non-existent in marketing. It’s always on the list, but never at the top. As a result, they never focus on marketing enough to see results. Absent results, because of their inconsistent efforts, they give up.

The problem is that giving up means losing out on recurring business and new business. But because it remains unseen, the losses do not register. If they did see losses, the owner would find time to market. When marketing is a focus for a business, they usually see a direct benefit in sales or leads.

I understand how all business owners are pulled in a million directions each day. My business, Bigger Pie Strategies, is no different. My to-do list grows longer and longer, day after day, until I want to pitch it and start a new one. But I try to trudge on, making time for marketing efforts for a few hours each week, if not more. If a small business marketing consultant is admitting the challenge of getting to marketing, then the problem is real and acute.

What I bring to my clients is a commitment to marketing. It is evident in my work on their behalf and also in their commitment to pay for my services. Avoiding or neglecting something is far harder when dollars are attached to it.

To further help my clients, I serve as the leader for their marketing efforts. By putting the responsibility on me, they are free to worry about the other aspects of their business. I focus on marketing and keep it on their minds at our meetings and whenever else it is necessary. Otherwise, they need not worry about it. I do.

Knowing how to tackle a problem and having someone skilled in it can ease a small business owner’s mind. I see it and the benefits of small business marketing in my clients’ businesses every day.


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