Facebook fan pages don’t spark much engagement, but they’re worth keeping

A mere 6% of company’s Facebook Page fans engage with the company on the page, according to new research from Mashable, which considers engagement to be taking action such as “liking” the brand, making comments or participating in polls. Those “super fans,” as Hubspot calls them, are the most likely to share information or like content placed on a company’s Facebook page.

That 94% of visitors might take no action on a Facebook page could suggest to some short-sighted business owners that time spent on Facebook might be wasted. But the fact is that engagement doesn’t have to mean direct action. People who visit a company’s website are engaged, heavily engaged, I would posit, since they have found the company’s page and are reviewing information. Those actions help keep a company top-of-mind, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing.

Yes, super fans might be nice. But the value of people visiting your business’ Facebook page cannot be overstated. That’s why you’ll see links to this post and other content on the Bigger Pie Strategies’ Facebook page.


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