Create mystery, tension in your company’s name, tagline

When I created Bigger Pie Strategies, I thought long and hard about the name and my tagline. I knew that each would play a critical role in my marketing. But I got things wrong. They aren’t just a part of my marketing; they are my marketing to small business owners and others.

While developing my business plan (yes, even a small business marketing consultant must prepare a business plan), a good friend mentioned that someone he knew had a company, Bigger Pie, that never took off. (The name was abandoned in Maryland in 2006, making it available as a trade name.) I added Strategies for two reasons. First, I feared Bigger Pie had problems, since a business failed with the name. Second, I didn’t want a name that would box me in down the road.

The tag line just came to me. “A bigger slice is one thing. A bigger pie is EVERYTHING!”

The results speak for themselves. Most of the time when I hand someone my business card or tell them my business name, I get asked about it. Some ask if I make pies. (No.) Others ask what it means.

That’s right. My business card and business name generate interest, which permits me the easy opportunity to discuss what I do and how I might help them with an interested person. What more can a business owner ask for?

Not everyone is in the position to create a new business name. But the tagline, the short description of what a business does or how it helps people, can be changed for the cost of 250 more business cards.

I am embarrassed to admit that I underestimated the value of my business’ name and tagline. Both have opened far more business doors than I could have imagined.

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