Church Marketing

climbing hillMyth: Church leaders should be experts at marketing.

Fact: Engaging a marketing expert, who can apply tried and true marketing strategies to support a church’s mission and capabilities, can accelerate growth for churches.

Need An Easy, Ready-To-Go Church Website?

Bigger Pie Strategies can create a powerful, search-engine friendly, mobile-responsive website that gets noticed and presents your message clearly for as little as $699.00.

These websites are state-of-the-art, easy-to-use and infinitely expandable.

Looking for More Marketing Help?

Bigger Pie Strategies works with churches to develop marketing programs that support their missions.

Bigger Pie Strategies offers:

  • Affordable website development/redevelopment services, using the industry’s most popular and easy-to-use platform, WordPress, thus giving churches flexibility, control and expandability for years to come
  • Surveying (online and on paper) that leads to actionable results that can accelerate a church’s growth
  • Branding services to ensure a church’s message resonates in the community
  • Email campaign design, setup, maintenance and training so a church can communicate with the community
  • Social media setup, maintenance and training to maximize this powerful communication tool
  • Training and support so church staff and volunteers can take over as much of this work as is feasible.

Bigger Pie Strategies has helped us to better define how to reach our community. The company helped us to survey our community and respond to what we discovered, to set up a weekly email that immediately generated a response, and to update our website to respond to the latest trends.”
Pastor Hal Hester, Vineyard Christian Church, Brooksville, Florida

old and young hands holdingWhy Bigger Pie Strategies?

Bigger Pie Strategies grew out of the frustration at how poorly small businesses market themselves and the way expensive marketing companies exploit them.

Churches have the same marketing challenges as small businesses. By applying the marketing practices of small businesses – or more specifically, by treating a church, for the purposes of marketing, like a small business – more cost-effective, successful promotion of the church and its activities, to both its membership and to potential members, can occur.

Bigger Pie Strategies bridges this gap, using affordable, practical solutions to help churches promote themselves to their target audiences. Let us help you start using the full power of marketing to build your church community.

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