Boost in self-esteem on Facebook makes pages perfect marketing sites

Facebook appears to be providing the audience ripe for a marketing message. A new study suggesting Facebook has a positive effect on the self-esteem of users means it might be the ideal tool to market goods and services.

Small business owners should consider Facebook ads. The ads appear on people’s profile pages. Facebook digs into people’ personal profile information to target ads that appeal to those interests. Geo-targeting also is available. Because of the heavy targeting, the ads can be a great value.

The Facebook study backing its marketing value tested 63 students at Cornell University. The research found that Facebook can have a positive influence on the self-esteem of college students. Appearing in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, the study found that users choose what they reveal about themselves and filter anything that might reflect badly. Feedback from friends posted publicly on Facebook profiles also tends to be overwhelmingly positive, which can further boost self-esteem, according to researchers.

Editing a profile, meaning active use of the site, generated the most positive feedback for users, researchers said.

Another study recently indicated that Facebook users are so eager to check their pages that many actually do so while visiting the bathroom.

Active, eager and engaged people who are experiencing positive feelings are the ideal audience for a marketing message, especially if it is well targeted.

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