Good marketing can ensure Kickstarter campaign doesn’t fall short

Too many entrepreneurs are placing all their hopes for success on or similar websites allowing people to make donations to advance their projects. Kickstarter and other websites permit entrepreneurs to solicit donations, which are … [Read more...]

Why promoting Small Business Saturday is good for every small business

Small Business Saturday, which is Nov. 24 this year, garners great attention, in part because its main sponsor, American Express, has been advertising it heavily for the last few weeks. Small Business Saturday, whose motto is Shop Small, encourages … [Read more...]

7 election strategies small businesses can use to market better

Over the last 18 to 24 months most of us have been exposed to probably more political campaigning and spin that we care to admit to ourselves. While what has become in recent months nearly non-stop advertising and promotion of candidates grates on … [Read more...]

Facebook fan pages don’t spark much engagement, but they’re worth keeping

A mere 6% of company's Facebook Page fans engage with the company on the page, according to new research from Mashable, which considers engagement to be taking action such as "liking" the brand, making comments or participating in polls. Those "super … [Read more...]

10 business reputation killers that clients, prospects won’t overlook

Otherwise intelligent people often damage their business reputation with simple acts that say far more about them than they realize. Most of the time they are unaware of the effect, but the fact is that people judge us by our worst actions. Here are … [Read more...]

Shoppers to flock to Internet, not stores, for holiday gifts this year

Small businesses lacking a website will find coal in their holiday coffers as they lose a key opportunity to reach younger shoppers this year. About three-quarters of Americans say they will shop for gifts online this holiday season, according to a … [Read more...]

Marketing isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for small businesses

Small businesses that cut marketing from their budgets or never included a budget item for marketing are doing so at their own peril. Those small businesses that eliminate marketing often reason that it's an easier cut that eliminating employees. … [Read more...]

3 ways LinkedIn serves as your electronic business card

Often when I mention something to do with LinkedIn, the business networking platform, people give me a weird look. It's as if they can't process that I actually can and do use LinkedIn to help my business. LinkedIn has become the go-to location for … [Read more...]

3 useful small business marketing strategies from the Summer Olympics

The incredible achievements of 10,500 athletes from 204 nations competing in the XXX Olympiad Summer Games is any marketer's dream. Billions of people paying attention, day after day and night after night. The games unfolding in London right now … [Read more...]

Free workshop Aug. 16 to explain why YOUR personal brand matters

Brands are increasingly important in business because good ones help achieve better business results. They also help each of us personally. We each have a personal brand, whether we know it or not, and that brand affects our own business pursuits and … [Read more...]

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