Take off your marketing hat so you can make referrals to yourself

Some of my best marketing is done when I am not even trying to market myself. I have sold people on working with my business at social events, in stores and coffee shops, on Facebook chat pages, and even after a family funeral (long story, don't ask, … [Read more...]

Buying from local small businesses really helps all of us to succeed

A new client of mine pointed out to me recently that I was patronizing a national chain when it would serve my business, my community and me better to be supporting a locally owned company providing the same products. I admitted to him that it was … [Read more...]

Make yourself into recognized expert in your field by authoring ebook

The ability to publish thoughts and ideas has never been easier or cheaper, and with the growing popularity of ebooks being viewed on Kindles, Nooks and other tablet and e-reading devices, the interest in authors providing valuable insights continues … [Read more...]

5 ways to prepare your website like you get ready for overnight guests

We recently had some family members from North Carolina visit our house. We did extra cleaning, straightened up the guest room and other common areas they might visit and we bought food suitable to their children. We did all these things because we … [Read more...]

Smartphone tools make the business cards you grab more valuable

More business people are realizing that one of the great benefits of a smartphone like a Droid or iPhone is the ability to scan business cards. I make it a practice to scan in any business cards I obtain at events or in meetings within 24 hours of … [Read more...]

7 important lessons I learned from the redesigning of my website

My website recently underwent a redesign, something that like many of my clients and business colleagues I had been putting off for the perfect time. The problem is that the perfect time never seemed to come along. In going through the process, I … [Read more...]

Buying into sequester effect could cripple small business in worst way

The sequester, the federal government’s forced reduction of more than $85 billion this year (part of more than $1 trillion in cuts over the next decade), appears ominous. No matter how those cuts affect Americans, small business owners need to put … [Read more...]

5 simple examples of how collaboration can fuel business growth

Collaboration is one of those buzzwords that business people use all the time, but rarely mean anything to most of them. However, I use the word often – with purpose and intent. I do so because collaborative marketing – where two or more businesses … [Read more...]

Harbaughs show business owners need to choose new, uncharted path

The upcoming Super Bowl, pitting the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers, offers a great lesson for business owners. Both teams’ head coaches, brothers Jim and John Harbaugh, took big chances, which led to their teams’ eventual … [Read more...]

Find new clarity for how best to build, market your small business

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you should be doing to improve your business with great clarity so you wouldn't feel lost or off-track? Over the last few months, I have found a new level of clarity in my business endeavors. That clarity … [Read more...]

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