Are you ready for when Siri starts tapping Bing’s search results?

Bigger Pie Strategies on Bing Places for Business.

Bigger Pie Strategies on Bing Places for Business.

Everyone with a presence on the Internet spends a great deal of time and money worrying about what Google thinks about them. We stress over its Page Rankings, its algorithms and every other little thing about Google. Some days, I think I worry more about Google than my rankings with my wife. (Sorry, honey.)

We often forget the other search engines out there. Ones like, um, well, you know, it’s…wait, don’t tell me…oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue….Yes, that’s it. Bing, is one. Right?

Why Siri needs love

Yes, Bing is another search engine, created by Microsoft. We don’t think or pay much attention to it, but maybe it’s time we did give it some love and affection.

When IOS 7, the newest Apple operating system, ships in the fall, Apple mobile device users seeking answers from Siri, Apple’s iPhone and iPad digital assistant, will be receiving answers from Bing’s search, according to BusinessWeek. Up until that time, Siri would be telling people Google’s answers.

With the growing number of people using Apple’s mobile products and Siri to conduct their searches, this news means it’s time to invest some time in Bing’s search.

Getting online on Bing

The best thing for businesses to do is create a Bing Places for Business directory listing, which is the Bing equivalent of Google Places. I will admit, I hadn’t created one of these free business listings on Bing. I should have.

To make things easier, I actually did a lot of copy-and-paste from my Google Places listing for the Bing listing.

Not everyone is using Siri these days, but it can’t hurt to rank on Bing – especially if you competitors don’t know that Siri’s going to be using Bing search for its results. It might give you a competitive advantage with Apple users.

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