About Us

Bigger Pie Strategies was an outgrowth and response to the repeated frustrations that countless small business owners expressed about marketing, public relations and promotion. A common theme emerged: Small business owners want and need the same services that big businesses spend thousands and thousands of dollars on each year. But it just isn’t fiscally responsible or feasible.

“I appreciate all the professional help you gave me with my book. I had never done anything like this before. I had enough trouble in high school and college writing essays. I had the book roughed out when we met. Your help with getting everything in the correct order made the piece look much more professional. Your suggestions with several areas made the information more understandable to the average person. Your selection of the cover made for a more sellable book. The marketing suggestions you made helped me pass my sales goal.”

– Bob Porterfield, Author, Photographers & Photographs of Carroll County 1840-1940

Owner, Bob Porterfield Photography, Hampstead, Md.

These discussions and our experience allow us to understand and appreciate the unique needs of small businesses, including the fiscal realities. We work with small business owners to develop a means for our compensation that enables us to be successful while not bankrupting small businesses.

Our Leadership
Bob Graham

Bob Graham is CEO of Bigger Pie Strategies, a marketing company focused on small businesses and other organizations. Graham is an experienced writer, editor, public relations expert and marketing expert.

Graham has developed and managed successful marketing and branding campaigns that connect companies and organizations with their ideal clients. By focusing on their ideal clients – the people who want and need what they are selling – Graham is able to help businesses reach their target audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner. His clients range from start-up technology firms and one-employee businesses to national and international companies.

He has spoken to small business groups on a wide range of topics, including how to ensure a ROI from small business marketing, how to effectively use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and protecting and enriching your personal brand.

Prior to starting his own company, Graham served as a public relations manager for an international homeschooling company and as a spokesman for a state agency in Maryland. He has written speeches for high-level state officials, company executives and others. He has prepared people for interviews in various media, including CBS Marketwatch, the New York Times and Washington Post.

During his tenure as a print journalist and editor, Graham wrote about a number of businesses in articles appearing in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including the Baltimore Sun and Entrepreneur’s Business Start-Ups. He also has authored news, features, business and real estate articles, as well as commentaries, humor pieces and articles for and about the Internet. While employed as a full-time freelance writer, Graham co-authored the first travel book about Baltimore, The Insiders’ Guide to Baltimore, published in August 1998.

The wide range of experience in marketing, writing and public relations provides Graham with unique expertise that he uses to help businesses create a bigger pie.

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