7 strategies to allow existing customers to make sales bloom and grow

flower bloomingThe signs of spring are all around us, a time for new growth and development among plants – and businesses.

An often overlooked area of increased sales is among existing clients. A starting point for correcting this deficiency could come by sending existing clients a monthly email, where you can remind them of your existence, promote new products or services, or offer a reward for a referral can be among the quickest ways to take a business to the next level.

Too often, we look for new clients, rather than focusing on how we can better assist our existing clients. If it takes 20 times the cost/effort to find a new client than to keep an existing client, then failing to generate the most business from existing clients is foolish.

Here are seven strategies for re-engaging existing clients:

  • Offer a special Customer Only night of discounts. Devotees will flock to spend on something they always wanted but thought too expensive until this sale came along.
  • Hold a Bring a Friend and Save event. Let your best advocates promote you to their circle of friends. It can be win-win-win. You see increased sales among both clients and their associates.
  • Attach a discount coupon when they order. There’s no better time than when someone’s just purchased to encourage them to buy again.
  • Create a wish list program. A wish list reminds people of the things they want, while giving others, say an inattentive husband (just for example sake) an easy and great gift idea.
  • Hold an Open House. The most likely people to attend are devoted clients, who will relish the opportunity to share their mutual love for you and what you do with other like-minded people.
  • Create an Advisory Council. Every business must make decisions on how to grow. What better way to avoid landmines and reward your best customers than to include them in this advisory role.
  • Give to the community. Support a charity that’s dear to many of them. If your business attracts lots of women, support the local Race for the Cure or some other race or charity event. By supporting a charity, you show the human side, as well as a willingness to give back. People like to support businesses who share their wealth.

Reminding people about your company is a good thing. Out of sight is out of mind too often in these busy times. The right strategy for engaging existing customers can really make your business bloom this spring and for years to come.

Want help?

Contact Bob Graham at Bigger Pie Strategies so we can discuss how to help your business bloom this year by re-engaging your existing customers.


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