4 Keys for Making Any Small Business Ad Spending Count

Hardly a week goes by where a client or another small business owner doesn’t ask me about spending money on radio, newspaper or TV advertisements. This recurring question isn’t as much a function of the value of those advertising media as a … [Read more...]

Tablets, mobile phones now accounting for more than half of e-commerce

The scales are tipping toward device mobile sales, meaning small businesses that aren’t powerfully online are really putting themselves behind the eight ball. Consumer mobile purchases reached an all-time high in 2013, with nearly $60 billion in … [Read more...]

Are you abandoning potential customers and don’t even know it?

How many times have to you seen a company’s Facebook page or blog page, and noticed that the last update was months ago? It happens all the time. Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the blogosphere are littered with short-term attempts by … [Read more...]

4 vital marketing items every small business must budget for

Marketing is an important component of success for any small business. If people don’t know about the business, they aren’t going to buy from it. Prudent marketing expenses bridge the gap between your business and your potential buyers. Many … [Read more...]

Good word of mouth follows those businesses who dare to be different

On a recent anniversary trip to wineries in Sonoma County, California, one company stood out among all the rest because of how it presented the process of sampling wines. Now keep in mind that most of what happens in Sonoma County, as well as in … [Read more...]

Are you ready for when Siri starts tapping Bing’s search results?

Everyone with a presence on the Internet spends a great deal of time and money worrying about what Google thinks about them. We stress over its Page Rankings, its algorithms and every other little thing about Google. Some days, I think I worry more … [Read more...]

Take off your marketing hat so you can make referrals to yourself

Some of my best marketing is done when I am not even trying to market myself. I have sold people on working with my business at social events, in stores and coffee shops, on Facebook chat pages, and even after a family funeral (long story, don't ask, … [Read more...]

Buying from local small businesses really helps all of us to succeed

A new client of mine pointed out to me recently that I was patronizing a national chain when it would serve my business, my community and me better to be supporting a locally owned company providing the same products. I admitted to him that it was … [Read more...]

Make yourself into recognized expert in your field by authoring ebook

The ability to publish thoughts and ideas has never been easier or cheaper, and with the growing popularity of ebooks being viewed on Kindles, Nooks and other tablet and e-reading devices, the interest in authors providing valuable insights continues … [Read more...]

5 ways to prepare your website like you get ready for overnight guests

We recently had some family members from North Carolina visit our house. We did extra cleaning, straightened up the guest room and other common areas they might visit and we bought food suitable to their children. We did all these things because we … [Read more...]

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